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2018-2019 - Our Inaugural Year

We at Lehigh Valley Force Volleyball Academy (LVFORCE) are proud of the decision we made to start our new club.  We thought about it throughout the year and decided to introduce a product that best fits the athletes' needs.  We have always said, "It is not about the club but really about the athlete." 

Our decisions will be based on our commitment to our athletes.  

When selecting the best club for your daughter, the best question to ask is, who is the coach?

 Our goal is to retain the best coaches that are inline with Our Mission Statement

Your journey should be filled with great memories, competitive practices, tournaments, and grow as a team player, become a stronger volleyball player who will make an impact on their high school volleyball team.

Take a look at our coaching staff, Facilities, uniform package and tournament package.  

Send us your feedback, we want to grow and become That Club for you and your daughter.


Fortitude  Organization  Reliability  Competition  Excellence



Head Coach----------------Assistant Coach

LF Force - 17 Red----Reggie Pamtophlet-----TBA

LF Force - 16 Red----Paul Abi-Daher---------Jean Markovic

LF Force - 15 Red----Jeff Koch-----------------Matt Velekie

LF Force - 14 Red----Juliette Abi-Daher-----Bryan Karthauser

LF Force - 13 Red----Donn Ellis---------------TBA

LF Force - 12 Red--------------------------------TBA

Athletic Performance Coach------------------Mitch Hivner 

Clinic Coach--------------------------------------Tony Seritsky

Please be sure to check back for a complete list of Coaches

Cross Coaching - Cross Training

  • LV Force will provide our players the opportunity to cross train with other teams within our academy.
  • We will also have cross coaching - coaches training other LV Force teams.  This gives our athletes a chance to meet and be coached by another coach from within our academy.


Lehigh Valley Force Volleyball Academy

Phone: 484-375-8082