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Summer Tryouts





Keystone Regional Volleyball Association (KRVA) has added a "summer tryout" for 15u through 18u Teams in late July, this in addition to the "traditional Fall tryout".

Lehigh Valley Force Volleyball had a meeting over the weekend with the Commissioner of KRVA , Michelle Carlton regarding this change. 

Her explanation:  "Since the Ohio Valley Region  (OVR)  and the Chesapeake Regional Volleyball Association (CHRVA) 

have in the past had summer tryouts and together cover the State of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania,

KRVA was forced to protect its borders and establish Summer tryouts to compete with OVR and CHRVA.  

In the past, OVR and CHRVA have been tapping into western and southern Pennsylvania to recruit KRVA athletes."

KRVA is giving Pennsylvania clubs (over 50 VB Clubs)  the option to hold Summer and/or Fall Tryouts for the 15u through 18u Teams only.

LV Force VB  has been trying to figure out the best way to compete in the Lehigh Valley area without harming our athletes as they also prepare for High School tryouts.

We have spoken to Parents, and Force coaches,  in order to come up with the best plan going forward for our athletes and our Club.  

The conclusion is if one local club held summer tryouts, we would have to compete and hold our summer tryouts.  Leaving the Fall Tryouts as a fall back option.

Force has decided on the following plan:

  • Force will not participate in the Loyalty Offer Program - please see explanation HERE
  • Force will hold "Summer tryouts" July 22nd through 26th for 15u through 18u teams - Please look for our tryout and open gym schedule this week @ 
    • Force will have two days of tryouts for each age group to accommodate family time and vacation time.
    • Official offers will go out the evening of July 26th.
    • Force looks to fill all the 15u - 18u teams during the summer tryout.
  • Force will hold the tradition Fall tryouts if needed -  November 11th and 12th for 15u-18u.
    • This will depend on our needs and the number of athletes that register for the November tryouts.
    • Official offers go out November 15th @7:00 PM.
  • 12u through 14u Tryouts will be held October 21 - October 22 -  Please look for our tryout and open gym schedule this week @ 
    • Official offers go out October 25th @7:00 PM.

Registrations and KRVA Membership

  • Athletes trying out in the summer will not need a KRVA tryout membership.
    • However you will need to purchase a full membership once the teams have been selected.
  • Look for Open Gym and Tryout registration links on our website.  
    • We will have two registration links.
      • One for the Summer Tryouts/Open Gym.
      • One for the Fall Tryouts/ Open Gym.